Wednesday – eBooks cost Effectiveness

How do we know it was worth it?
Public Library view

The presenter of this workshop recommended looking at the following to determine the cost effectiveness of your OverDrive service:

  • Look at traditional checkouts  and holds placed – what is has the most use and holds?  This is what is  important to the patrons.

Look at eMedia in the following categories:

  • Look at how many new people signing up to use the service each month.

Last year 2009-2010 here are how many new patrons signed up to use our service:

  • Look at the number of patrons who checked out eMedia:

The presenter  noted when they stopped buying new content the use dropped off  and came back when they started purchasing again. This showed them content was a driving factor for use of eMedia.

Where are patrons coming from to find eMedia collections?

Here’s the top 20 referring websites for the past nine months (10/1/2009 – 06/30/2010):

Note the number of people using the Sony Search and the OverDrive search as well as finding it through a Google search.

For the top 50 view the emedia referrals 2009_10.

Which format is best?  In our case WMA was used the most same as the presenters.

Which format has the best turnover rate? For us it is WMA closely followed by MP3.  For the presenter it was MP3 format.  he felt it was due to the MP3 format being compatible with iPods.

What is the patrons’ interest or what are they putting on hold? Here’s our top 20 for the past 10 months:

How does it relate to the New York Times Best Sellers list?

One service which we don’t own which the presenter recommended was Tumble Books Library designed for the youth market preschool and up. Their usage of the service was $0.12 per view. Is this something we might want to look at?

How many patrons are repeat users?  Each month I look at the new of patrons who checkout eMedia and the number of  first time new users.  It averages about 32% are new users.

The second presentation was from an academic viewpoint.  Not much there for a public library to use but he did state he thinks publishers in the near future will publish books electronically first before they print them.


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