eBooks Reach the Tipping Point

eBooks appear to have reached a tipping point. Amazon says eBooks for the Kindle outsold hardcover books over the last three months. Over that time, Amazon sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcovers, and that pace has picked up in the last four weeks. Sales of the Kindle have tripled since Amazon cut the price in late June.

Note: Kindle does not work with our Overdrive content.

Our eBook downloads increased 60% in 2009-10 over the previous year.  In May and June this year we reached a tip point for downloadables.  Both months we went over the 10,000 mark for downloads in a single month.

We showed an increase in downloadables in 2009-10 of 68%.

eAudio increased 65% in 2009-10.

Overall, our patrons are increasing their use of the downloadables.  We had 19,170 unique patrons checking out items in 2009-10.  Out this 36% of the patrons where first time users.


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