New Sony eBook Reader

PC Pro reviews the new Sony eReader.  Below is a few of the highlights of the review:

..big improvement and nearly as good the new Amazon Kindle’s screen!

Sony has hatched a deal with Google to place a custom search of Google books on the Sony website, opening an estimated 500,000 titles up for quick and easy download. Google’s standard book search doesn’t let you filter results in this way, so finding titles you can take away on an eBook has, up until now, been a hit and miss affair.

This sounds really cool as we have the books in the catalog linked to Google Books.

.. and more interesting development, is support for free eBook loans from local authority libraries (Overdrive), a feature the Amazon Kindle doesn’t support.

Has a great side by side comparison picture of the new Sony and the Amazon Kindle.
Read more: Sony’s new eBook readers: first-look review | PC Pro blog


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