Morningstar Can Help You with Investment Program

The Training Corner | by Lars Wasvick, Associate Product Manager

Using Scenarios

At Morningstar we want to provide you with the training resources you need so you can educate your colleagues and patrons on how to use our database. We are happy to work with you in creating training materials, as many clients have done so with us on PowerPoint presentations.

Another interesting idea to help create interest in learning about the database and navigating its practical applications is scenario training. For example, if Joe the patron was to ask you what EBITDA means, where could you find the definition, or rather, where would you tell him to look?

The correct answer is to visit the Glossary on the Help & Education page, which seems logical, but might not be as easy to find without some basic navigation training on the database. Since we provide many training sessions throughout the year, we have come across popular questions and situations in which people are looking for certain information.

If you find yourself looking for an effective way to train library staff and patrons and think scenarios may help, give it a try with some basic situations, or if you need ideas, feel free to contact us for some frequently asked questions and common scenarios.

For more helpful tips on the new features to Morningstar Investment Research Center, or for an overview on the database, please join us for training on Nov. 4, 2010, at 11 a.m. Central Time. Visit the Client Site to attend, or email for further details.


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