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SIRS Issues Researcher (Part of SIRS Knowledge Source)
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For more than 35 years, SIRS has encouraged dialogue and critical thinking about the major issues of our society. Here are a few examples of how SIRS Issues Researcher continues to offer content, context, and connections to 300+ Leading Issues.

Content: SIRS Issues Researcher’s title list now consists of 1,900+ sources. Daily selection of articles and graphics come from new additions such as National Defense, Bank Technology News, and U.S. Newswire. Unique international perspectives editorially compiled in Leading Issues’ Global Impact coverage come from 320 international sources including new additions such as The Hindu, China Staff, and Canada Newswire.

Fall Updates:
SIRS Issues Researcher Titles (XLS | PDF)
SIRS Issues Researcher International Titles (PDF)

Context: View issues in context through newly added editorially selected multimedia interactives. Each video clip is carefully selected to frame the issue in context of the current debate. Find multimedia video clips in the interactive section of Leading Issues including AIDS, Fad Diets, Immigration, Space Exploration & Travel, plus Teens and Cosmetic Surgery.


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