New Digital Collections @ UNR

You or your patrons may find these new digital collections interesting.  Be sure to take a look at the historical Facebook page and the Reno 1910 blog.

Margaret M. Wheat Collection

Our first foray into providing online access to our audio Paiute and Shoshone oral histories.  The collection currently includes just a sampling of 50 recordings, some of which began life as wire recordings made back in the 1940’s.  All of the recordings were converted to MP3 and WAV formats as a result of participation in the CDP IMLS Sound Model grant in 2006/7.  It is hoped that more of our recordings from this collection will be converted into digital form for future inclusion in this collection.  Visit the collection at:

Selected Congressional Hearings Collection

Another experimental collection to explore the loading of content that is congressional witness testimony relevant to Nevada.  Thus far, this collection includes 36 U.S. Congressional hearings from the University of Nevada Reno’s federal depository library collection. These hearings were scanned before being returned to the U.S. Government Printing Office in 2006 for possible digitization. The topics of the scanned hearings reflect interests of local researchers, most having to do with public policy issues affecting Nevada.

Visit the experimental collection at:

University of Nevada Oral History Project’s Collection

UNOHP is keenly interested in providing a more measurable form of public access to its printed (and in the future, perhaps its audio) oral histories, so we are assisting them in supporting Baylor’s model for “gateway” access via CONTENTdm.   Everyone views bib info plus abstract and index; authorized users view complete transcript without charge, but UNOHP Test collection is at:


Basque Digital Collection

Almost 2,000 images from the Basque Library’s collection have been made available through CONTENTdm at


Johnson-Jeffries Fight Online Exhibit

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the historic boxing match, UNR partnered with the Nevada Historical Society to extend the NHS on-site exhibit into the online environment. We used CONTENTdm to present (and integrate) images from both collections within a descriptive context. See the exhibit at

The Basque Hotel Online Exhibit

To supplement the “Northern Nevada Reads” program, this online exhibit highlights primary Robert Laxalt materials in Special Collections:


Historical Facebook Page

To stimulate interest in historical photographs and other Special Collections materials, a Facebook page was launched for Joe McDonald (1891-1971), a Freshman at UNR in 1911. This experiment has been successful so it will expand. More information at


Reno 1910 Blog

Another experiment to provide some historical context for Special Collections photographs:


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