iPad App for eBooks

Recently received an email about a free app for the iPad which allows one to read eBooks from OverDrive.

The Bluefire Reader has just been released and should allow you to download to your iPAD from Overdrive via Adobe Digital Reader.  I’ve used it with my Touch, but it is supposed to support iPAD also.

Here are some useful blog posts. If you look in the PUBLIB archives, you’ll find additional posts.


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1572127/bf2.pdf (Directions for installing the app and using it)


If anyone has an iPad and you try this out please let us know if it works!


5 thoughts on “iPad App for eBooks

  1. From what I understand, OverDrive will soon becoming out with an app for the iPad which displays ebooks in a larger format but the current app does work on an iPad, just a small screen.

  2. I tried it on my iPhone since it runs on the same iOS as the iPad. I followed the installation instructions that was for the iPad and it worked. It’s a small viewing screen because it was a phone, but it works.

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