Sony eReaders Update

A major update has been made to Sony eBook Readers which corrects the EPUB/PDF issues which library users encountered in older models. If you weren’t aware, there were problems with both Adobe EPUB and PDF eBooks from the library coexisting on the device. With the new models, you won’t have to worry about that any more.

Only the new Daily Edition has WiFi and 3G capabilities. With competing devices’ price points lower and offering WiFi and 3G. Currently, pricing is as follows:

Sony Reader Daily Edition: $299.99*
Sony Reader Touch Edition: $229.99*
Sony Reader Pocket Edition: $179.99*

Overall, the enhancements Sony has made to their eBook Readers makes them even more attractive than previous models. If you’re looking for just an eBook Reader that’s compatible with OverDrive-supplied eBooks (and are willing to pay a little more) any of the models will be a solid investment.

*Prices listed on


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