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The Training Corner | by Lars Wasvick, Associate Product Manager at Morningstar

Has anyone asked for prices on a number of different stocks? What if a patron wants the loss or gain from the previous day on multiple mutual funds? It’s actually quite easy to find this information on Morningstar Investment Research Center.

Here’s one way to tackle it. Let’s say you have a portfolio with five stocks in it. You see the market is having a nice day and want to check out how your stocks are doing. Simply go to Morningstar Investment Research Center’s search box, type in the first ticker symbol, and hit “get report.” Write down the price and continue on by entering the second ticker in the search box and hit “enter.” Write down that price, and so on. Finally you have a comprehensive list of today’s performance for the stocks in your portfolio.

Here is an even easier way to get the data you’re seeking. Rather than repeat everything five times, just use a few commas. Let’s say the portfolio consists of McDonalds MCD, Home Depot HD, Microsoft MSFT, Colgate-Palmolive CL, and Macy’s M. Go into the search box and type MCD, HD, MSFT, CL, M (you can even do it in lowercase) and hit “get report.”

The new page you see has the price, gain/loss, day high/low, volume, and the 52-week high/low for all of the stocks in your portfolio. You’ll find this is much faster, and it gives you a complete list. This will also work with mutual funds, even if you combine the search with stocks. Of course, fund prices, or net asset values, are calculated at the end of each trading day, so the day high/low will be the same and volume will be zero.

Another suggestion if you have many stocks, funds, or both and want to save on typing tickers: Save the string of tickers separated by commas in a word processing, text, or spreadsheet file. The next time you want to get your quote report, just cut and paste the string into the search box.

For more helpful tips on the new features to Morningstar Investment Research Center, or for an overview on the database, please join us for training on Feb. 3 at 11a.m. Central Time. Visit the Client Site to attend, or e-mail for further details.


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