ILL Changes

We have made the following changes to our ILL services which have been posted on the ILL FAQs and/or ILL forms:

  • Only one request for a given title, per patron, within a 6 month period. This includes different editions or publication dates of the same title.
  • Interlibrary Loan service is designed to provide limited access to books and information not available in the Clark County area. It is not designed for text books or other items needed for an extended period of time. If you need an item for more than approximately two weeks, your best option to purchase that item.
  • If you return a very overdue ILL item after the Library District has paid the lending library for the item we will not waive the cost of the item. You must pay the cost and all fees assessed.

    We are also enforcing the No Renewals policy which has always been in place but was often over ridden to give patrons a break. Some patrons have abused the system and expect us to renew continually so we are no longer granting extensions.  If patrons do not return their ILL items on time we expect them to pay all overdue fines.

    Item #3 above is new.  Please make note, even if the patron returns the item but we have already paid for the item, they still owe the total cost of the item.  This is because we cannot recover our payment from the lending library.  We have to pass this cost onto the patron as the overdue fees usually do not cover the cost of the item.


    One thought on “ILL Changes

    1. On #3 if the patron pays their bill in full for the book, they are welcome to keep the book otherwise if they bring the book back and don’t pay send the book to ILL.

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