Libraries at the Tipping Point?

There has been some discussion about what is scary about ebooks?

Here is an excellent presentation that, in my opinion, explains the issue pretty well. It’s from the

“ebooks: Libraries @ the tipping point” was an interesting online conference that occurred on September 29, 2010.

Eli Neiberger (Ann Arbor Public Library) gave a brilliant 20-minute presentation outlining the uncomfortable position ebooks puts libraries and offering several solutions.  I encourage you to listen to this presentation.

Part 1 (12 minutes): Part 2 (8 minutes):

Do you agree with what he is saying?


One thought on “Libraries at the Tipping Point?

  1. Eli’s scenario is simultaneously frightening and thrilling to me. There are others–like David Lankes at Syracuse University–who seem to be saying the same thing. Dr. Lankes says he sees the Golden Age of Librarianship as yet to come, but it revolves around Libraries as Conversation–not circulation–Libraries as Participation, interaction, and creation.

    I will also point out what I think is likely to be the even quicker demise of an even bigger part of our circulation–DVDs.,0,2086702.story

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