Freegal Music Downloads

On Monday we will be launching our new service – Freegal Music Downloads.  Over the weekend, staff are welcome to try it out.  The url to access it is

On Monday this page will be linked to on the eMedia Tab of Books, Movies & More as well as the Music Tab under Special Music for patrons to access.

There is brief information on the Freegal page with a link at the bottom to the FAQs, Tips & Tricks page on eRead Me Vegas – Freegal tab with more in-depth answers to questions about Freegal Music.

Things you need to know:

  • Each library card is allowed 3 track (songs) downloads per week.
  • If a patron has problems with a download they have two additional opportunities to download the song.  this can be found under Recently Downloaded on the Freegal Music page after logging in.
  • Each Monday morning (early) the counts are reset for the week.
  • If a patron does not download during the week, they don’t get additional downloads the following week.
  • It does work on an iPhone/iTouch but when I experimented with it I did have issues.  The search by artist name did not function well and I clicked the download link it played but I couldn’t find it on the iTouch to play again.  I had to go my Recently Downloaded link and download to my computer then transfer it to my iTouch.

Please give a try and if you have any questions or comments please post them here so everyone can see them.



2 thoughts on “Freegal Music Downloads

  1. Same thing happened to me using an IPad to download. The song played, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the desktop, ITunes or IPod.

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