Airpac for Smartphones

Do you have a smartphone?  If so, please give our new version of Airpac a try and let me know what you like and don’t like about.  Do we need to change anything?


4 thoughts on “Airpac for Smartphones

  1. I decided to add the link ebooks & eaudio to the smartphone and change the Library Website site link to Library Mobile Site where the patron has access to other things such as computer reservations, apps, etc. It will take about two weeks for the changes to me made. Once they are we will launch smartphone for general release. I will also change the Library Catalog link on the mobile site to go to smartphone and add a link for text-based catalog. I’ll post in VL notes when it ready.

  2. I think mobile services is too vague and I would still like to see a separate link for the e-book catalog. I wish I have a better name to suggest but I couldn’t think of one.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m working on a list of links to add. Most likely they will have to go under one link. We thought we would call it Mobile Library Services and have links for:
    Access My Library (Gale databases)
    EBSCO App (for EBSCO databases)
    eBooks & eAudio Books
    Computer Reservations
    Ask a Librarian

    Do you like the name of the link?

  4. I like it!! the interface is easy to use and I can see my holds and change their freeze status. I would add a link on the front page for e-books though. Awesome!

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