CultureGrams Getting Updated

CultureGrams Updates 2011 Reports, Statistics, Kids Reports
On February 15th, CultureGrams will introduce some helpful new additions to CultureGrams, including:

  • The full set of statistical information will be updated in all of the reports and data tables. You’ll also notice question mark icons on the country landing pages and at the top of select data tables. Click on these icons for an explanation of particular statistics and how they are calculated. This information will help students understand the statistics and what they tell us about a country.
  • Check out the new Kids Edition country reports: Libya, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Belarus, and Serbia. Stop by to find out which of these countries boasts the highest temperature ever recorded on earth, which one gained its independence in 1990, and which is home to the world’s fourth largest Muslim population.
  • Best of all, the complete 2011 update to every text in every edition of CultureGrams will be available and live on our site (and in each PDF) on February 15.

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