Gale Power Search Enhancements

In March 2011, enhancements will be made to Gale PowerSearch , allowing for a faster, easier way to search millions of entries and multiple online resources with just one query, including:

  • Search Assist: InfoTrac products will have a learning, intuitive autocomplete feature allowing users to find the exact subject, keyword or publication for which they’re looking from a single search box, saving time and providing search functionality similar to what they experience with other Web products
  • Related Subjects: Results lists will display, by default, all relevant, related subjects and articles to help users find the information they seek faster and more efficiently
  • Enhanced Publication and Subject Search: Additional features and limiters will be added to our publication and subject search pages along with Search Assist
  • Language Customizability: The user interface will now support three additional languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • New Titles: Gale is committed to growing our periodical products at no cost to you. New content is added to our InfoTrac products daily. Last year alone, more than 1,500 new titles were added — including more than 1.6 million articles

Gale PowerSearch will continue to support existing features such as Read-Speaker audio technology, eBook cross-search, sharing tools, language translation and more.

Explore these enhanced new features now.


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