OverDrive Updating Help Pages

In OverDrive’s ongoing effort to improve the user experience for downloading eBooks, audiobooks, and more, we are excited to announce the release of a new tool called My Help.

My Help is the first phase of improvements for OverDrive’s help system. The My Help wizard provides ‘custom’ getting started information based on the formats that a customer wants to use (audiobooks, eBooks, music, video) and the type of computer or device the customers has (Windows, Mac, Android, NOOK, etc). Customers are shown targeted information about the software they need, formats they can use, steps they need to take to get titles, and a list of popular related questions. You can preview My Help at New York Public Library’s website: http://ebooks.nypl.org.

My Help will be added to your OverDrive-powered website by March 1, and may be available as soon as February 22. Note that the My Help wizard will be customized with your library’s offered formats (eBooks, audiobooks, etc.). If you have feedback for My Help, please email feedback@overdrive.com.


One thought on “OverDrive Updating Help Pages

  1. I just read this now, but earlier today, I was helping a customer getting set-up to download emedia. I saw the MyHelp on our library website and started taking him down the path. He feels confident, as do I, that he’ll be able to download Overdrive to the appropriate device at his home. I also shared MyHelp with my co-worker!

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