BrainFuse Update

BrainFuse – HelpNow! is updating our site within the next couple of weeks.  Not only is it going to have a new look but new exciting features as well.  Last week, I took a webinar to see what the changes would be.  I got a copy of the webinar and had Jon White cut it apart and reduce the time into small chunks for your viewing pleasure.  The videos are not great but you can get an idea how the site will look and how the exciting new features will work.  Please take a few minutes and view the videos so you won’t be surprised when the Live Homework Help looks a lot different.

To view the videos go to and select one of the following videos to view.

  • Overview
  • Test Center & Flashbulb
  • Virtual Classroom – Note: this only requires the person setting up the meeting to have a library card.  The other users don’t need a library card to attend the meeting.
  • Brainwave & Backpack

How do you think the library could use the Virtual Classroom?


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