Gale in Context Updates

Gale In Context resources have been updated with the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced Search Assist
  • Enhanced Portal Page Layout
  • Reduced white space throughout portal pages
  • Multimedia more prominent
  • Expert picks now called “featured viewpoints”
  • Full text limiter option

Question: Currently, the default limiter to Full Text is turned on. On WebFeat we had Full Text defaulted so is having the default set to Full Text in Gale databases OK or do we want it off?

Check out this PDF to SEE all the new changes NOW LIVE
In Context Spring 2011 Enhancements

This applies to the following databases:

Also updated with a new front end is the Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers. When you enter it’s called Gale NewsVault.  I have the left the name as Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers we only own the one history collection.


2 thoughts on “Gale in Context Updates

  1. I think the default to full text is a good idea.
    I always point out the benefit of clicking “full text”–this way, we can explain that the default does this for them in these databases, but it is something they need to be aware of in other databases.
    It offers a good teaching moment

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