Be Vigilant of Potential Safety Hazards

From The PulseHealth and Wellness Resource Center

“Safety is No Accident,” and the APHA is reaching out to communities across the nation with tips for safety-related events they can host for residents. Such events could include a child safety seat installation demonstration or a brown bag lunch to focus on workplace safety. For additional Home Safety Resources, see our library programming post for June.

Among the tips the APHA is offering as part of its effort to assist individuals in communities are the following.

Tips for safety at home:

  • Assess your home for poor lighting or uneven surfaces that could result in falls
  • Install and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Create an evacuation plan for your family in the event of an emergency
  • Have your hot water heater checked periodically to avoid burns
  • Have emergency numbers readily at hand

Tips for safety at work:

  • Wear protective and reflective equipment to reduce exposure to hazards
  • Conduct safety training
  • Schedule fire drills
  • Train machine operators on simulators

Tips for safety at play:

  • Get a physical before starting a new sport or workout routine
  • Drink water to stay hydrated
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bike

Tips for safety on the move:

  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Make sure car seats are properly installed
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bike or skating
  • Avoid texting and other distractions when driving

Tips for safety in the community:

  • Always use sidewalks when running or walking
  • Walk facing traffic and be visible at night
  • Call police if you observe children being abused or neglected

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