Hamilton East Public Library Helps Those Still Struggling With Their Employment Search

Marketing for Libraries

The United States has seen an uplift in unemployment news in recent months. With the national unemployment rate falling under 9% for the first time in nearly two years and the number of those filing for unemployment benefits continuing a slow downward trend, many Americans are finally returning to work. However, the discouraged workers from 2008 and 2009 remain pessimistic with their latest unsuccessful job searches.

This is where the staff at Hamilton East Public Library of Noblesville, Ind., steps in. Department head Linda Shaw explains the various services that the library has to offer its job-seeking patrons. First and foremost, the staff starts with an educational base. The library’s Outreach Department offers classes on basic computer skills, Microsoft applications, and job searching on the Internet. Hamilton East is also partnering with Work One, an Indiana program that helps citizens assess their skills and find a job to match them.

Going beyond basic education, the Hamilton East staff offers a plethora of online resources. Job listings (state, federal, and national), resume and cover letter advice, relocation information, salary statistics, and interviewing tips are available to the public through the library website.

Another surprising yet valuable source for patrons seeking employment opportunities is the Morningstar Stock Screener. The Stock Screener (on the Home page under Companies) allows patrons to identify their criteria concerning geographic location, specific industry, size of company, and financial stability of the company. This permits library members to narrow down prospective employers and begin evaluating potential company profiles.

According to Shaw, feedback from job-hunters has been overwhelmingly positive. Despite recent employment statistics indicating a slowly improving labor market, the staff members at Hamilton East Public Library remain dedicated to easing the stress of job-seekers by simplifying their search and improving their computer-based literacy.


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