Check out these new and updated points of interest across In Context!

Biography in Context

Thirty new people pages – focusing on Nobel Peace Prize Winners – have been added, including:
• Albert Gore, Jr.
• Dalai Lama
• Kofi Annan
• Mikhail Gorbachev
• Shimon Peres
• Yasir Arafat
• Yitzhak Rabin
• And more!

A new Contemporary World Leaders category has also been added; people in the category include:

• Fidel Castro
• Jose Ramos-Horta
• Kim Dae Jung
• Oscar Arias Sanchez
• Queen Elizabeth
• And more!

New spotlights on the home page feature John F. Kennedy and The Beatles.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Six new portal pages are now  included:
• Coal
• Health Insurance
• Media Bias
• Unemployment
• Judicial Activism
• Pacifism

In addition, the homepage is featuring new spotlights and a new video.

Science in Context

Eight new portal pages are now available:

• Human Geography
• Adaptation
• Molecular biology
• Personal health
• Entropy
• Extinction
• Composites
• Celestial Mechanics

Student Resources in Context

Thirty new portals have launched – they include a mix of core literature, history, and science topics and figures, including:

• Kate Chopin
• John Steinbeck
• Illegal Immigrants
• Genocide
• Atoms
• Bipolar Disorder
• Natural Disasters
• Moon Landings
• And more!


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