New eReference Books in GVRL

We have update the Gale Virtual Reference Library with updated titles and a selection of new titles to expand our online reference collection.  Over the next couple of weeks, those books which are new, I will be providing an in-depth look at them to give you an idea of their contents.

African – Americans

African American Almanac 11th Ed.

Contemporary Black Biography, Volume 65 -90

Black Literature Criticism

American History

Encyclopedia of American Law, 3rd ed.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing through American History, 1900 to the Present, The

Guide to U.S. Elections, 6th ed.

Working Americans 1770-1869: From the Revoluntionary War to the Civil War

Working Americans 1880-2007 Volume VIII: Immigrants

Working Americans 1880-2009 volume x: Sports and Recreation

Best of..

America’s Top-Rated Cities 2010

America’s Top-Rated Smaller Cities 2010


Encyclopedia of World Biography Supplement, Volume 28 -30

Newsmakers Cumulation 2007 – 2011


Business Plan Handbook Volume 12 – 20

Encyclopedia of Small Business, 4th ed.

Money, Second Edition, The Encyclopedia of

The Value of a Dollar, 4th ed

 College and Eduction

College Blue Book, 38th ed.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans, 28th ed.


Encyclopedia of Food & Culture, 1st Ed, 3V

Food in Context

The New Complete Book of Food, Second Edition

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life, 2nd ed.


Climate Change in Context

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Environmental Encyclopedia 4


Encyclopedia of Medicine

The Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health: A Guide for Seniors and Their Caregivers

The Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery and Medical Tests, 2nd ed.

Jobs and Careers

Career Information Center, 9th ed.

American History

Checks and Balances: The Three Branches of the American Government

Law and Legal

American Law Yearbook 2008 – 2010

Encyclopedia of Crime & Justice, 2nd Ed

Encyclopedia of Everyday Law, 2nd ed.

Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States

National Survey of State Laws, 6th ed.

Supreme Court Drama, 2nd ed

World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems


Contextual Encyclopedia of American Literature

Contextual Encyclopedia of World Literature

Drama for Students, Volume 25 – 28

Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels: [Two Volumes]

Epics for Students, 2nd ed.

Literature and Its Times, vol. 1-7

Novels for Students Volume 27 – 36

Poetry For Students Volume 28 – 38

Short Stories for Students Volume 27 – 33

The Greenwood Library of World Folktales [Four Volumes]: Stories from the Great Collections

Twenty-First Century Novels: The First Decade

World Literature and Its Times, vol. 1-8


Contemporary Musicians, Volume 62 – 70


World Religions Reference Library


Experiment Central

Scientific Thought in Context

World History

Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2011

Encyclopedia of World History: Governments

Encyclopedia of World History: War

Governments of the World: A Global Guide to Citizen’s Rights and Responsibilities


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