ALA Top Tech Trends Recapped

Today I attended a webinar from ALA recapping the top tech trends found at the ALA conference.

The archive of the session is available on the ALA TechSource blog.

Here’s a few high points:

  • Will the mouse die?  Most likely eventually but not right away.  The  Touch interface is the future.  MAC’s new OSX 10.7 will reverse the scrolling and act the same way as a touch screen – push up to scroll down.
  • 3D Printing aka Fabbing – printer cost is now down to $1,000.This is very cool!  Gives the ability to print your own 3-d action figure or models.  Endless possibilities.
  • OverDrive WIN platform – we purchase x number of books but don’t specifiy the format.  The patron gets to choose the format they want.  Also include patron driven acquisitions based on either we pay for the entire cost of the book and ‘own it’ or pay 10% of the cost for the one patron.  More details will be coming.  Also, it appears Kindle eBooks will be available by the end of the year.  New OverDrive help coming – MyHelp! will still be available.
  • 3M Cloud Library will have 100,000 titles by the end of the year.  Discovery Station (kiosk for a library) where patrons can browes the cloud and checkout and download ebooks – cost $2500.  They will also be selling eReaders to libraries for $149, we can loan out and the patron can load ebooks from the cloud onto them.  7 Beta sites coming in August.
  • ILS systems are in an upheaval becoming more of a “Library Services Platform’ providing webservices and APIs.
  • RFID Technologies changing – Envisionware will be using new ISO 28560-2.  Not clear of current tags will work or not.
  • Question asked – What’s going to happen to call numbers with eBooks?  Answer: going away.  Subject heading tags will replace them.

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