QR Codes

Lexi McEwen, Enterprise Library provided the following how to create and use QR codes in library.

They use this link:  http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ to create the codes.

There you can either type in a URL and hit generate or Sal and I decided that we wanted just text that was specific to the are the QR codes were being placed in. Here’s an example of our script:

Can’t find the Literary Criticism you need? Check out our online databases for criticisms and character summaries. See Adult Services for more details.

We made them for auto repair, test books, learn a language, etc. We wanted them to point to our electronic resources as we would in person with a patron asking about one of these subjects.

After you put in the URL or text you hit generate, we recommend the medium size since the large was a little too big and then just right click and save as a picture. I then imported all of ours into a word file – qr codes. I did laminate them before Iput them out on the floor, the QR codes attached could be printed out and used in any branch as they are not branch specific. Also, if you have a smart phone you will need a QR app to read the QR code and see the message, which is free no matter the platform (iphone, android). Enjoy, let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help out.

Jenn Schember also provided this information:

Here’s some information that will help if you’re interested in trying this:  http://blog.libraryjournal.com/bubbleroom/2011/02/14/qr-codes-how-easy-is-this/.  There are several free apps but I recommend and use RedLaser.  This app allows you to scan QR codes as well as create your own codes that can include URLs, text, etc.  I created one below (as an example) that will take you to the District’s homepage, if you scan it:


Lauren: How about a QR Code to direct patrons to eBooks, eAudio Books and Freegal music?


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