Wowbrary Updates

New Category for eBooks and eAudios: The #1 request we’ve recently received from patrons is to point them to new eBooks and eAudios. Although we already identify these within the relevant categories (for example, an eBook mystery shows up in Mysteries), we recently created a new category that separately lists all the new eBooks and eAudios for the week. You’ll find this new category just above Large Print in the category list on the left of your newsletter and Wowbrary web pages. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed for this category. We plan to publicize the new category in upcoming Wowbrary newsletters for patrons who haven’t already spotted it.

Adjustment to Top Choices: Although many patrons express great interest in eBooks and eAudios, a few questioned whether their library was giving up altogether on books when seeing a lot of eBooks and other downloadable items among the Wowbrary Top Choices. Accordingly, we adjusted our automated policy  to allow at most two downloadables to appear among the Top Choices normally, just as for other categories.


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