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Olso Norway

Topic Pages for this week     
Norway  Nor. Norge, officially Kingdom of Norway, constitutional monarchy (2005 est. pop. 4,593,000), 125,181 sq mi (324,219 sq km), N Europe, occupying the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. Extending from the Skagerrak, which it borders in the south, c.1,100 mi (1,770 km) northeast to North Cape and Vardø on the Barents Sea in the extreme northeast, the country forms a narrow mountainous strip along the North Sea in the southwest and in the west the Atlantic Ocean, whose local waters are also called the Norwegian Sea. It has a long land frontier with Sweden in the east and in the northeast borders on Finland and Russia. Oslo is the capital and largest city. The nation’s outlying possessions are Svalbard and Jan Mayen in the Arctic Ocean and Bouvet and Peter I islands in the S Atlantic; Norway also has claims in Antarctica. Read more…

Oslo      Industrial port and capital of Norway; population (2007 est) 548,600. The main industries are shipbuilding, textiles, electrical equipment, engineering, machine tools, timber, and food processing. The first recorded settlement was made in the 11th century by Harald III Hardrada, but after a fire in 1624, it was entirely replanned by the Danish king Christian IV and renamed Christiania from 1624 to 1924. Following Norway’s separation from Denmark (1814) and then Sweden (1905), the city reverted in 1925 to its original Norwegian name of Oslo. Read more…


Types of terrorism

Terrorist groups include those dedicated to a political programme for their country, usually involving the overthrow of the ruling regime: communist and fascist terrorists fall into this category. Terrorism may also be directed by an ethnic majority against a minority ruling group or against an occupying colonial force. Another motivation behind terrorism can be religious fanaticism, linked with left wing, conservative, nationalist, pan-nationalist, or millenarian ideologies. Systematic violence used to press a single-issue, such as anti-abortionism or animal rights, cause can also be seen as terrorism. In many instances of terrorist actions these motivations overlap. Read more…


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