September: National Cholesterol Awarness Month

Provide by The Pulse – Health and Wellness Resource Center

Here is the eighth installment of ideas for incorporating health programming into your overall library programming strategy. Keep looking  for us on the first of each month to find programming ideas for three months out.

When September hits, summer is definitely over and lives get busier, which means we tend to be less active and fast food becomes a stronger temptation — a  set up for cholesterol rates to rise. It is the perfect time to celebrate National Cholesterol Awareness Month at your library, and promoting it will be easy with these free resources:

  • Quick and Easy: printable puzzles and other activities for children and handy printables for adults.
  • Featured Resources: books for children and adults and links to reliable information online
  • Book Club: ideas for your book discussion group
  • Tie Ins: to traditional September library programming
  • Community Resources: local agencies to contact
  • Publicity Resources: free items to help you publicize National Cholesterol Awareness Month at your library through social networking sites or traditional printed materials
  • Fun Stuff: fun, interactive links

Quick and Easy

Puzzles and Activities for Children:

Printables for Adults

Featured Resources

Books about Cholesterol, Exercise, Diet, and the Medical Industry

Reliable Online Information

Book Club

Observe National Cholesterol Education Month this month by choosing one of these discussion-provoking books for your September book club:

Tie Ins

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 – October 15  is Hispanic Heritage Month. Celebrate Hispanic heritage, practice your Spanish, and show teens that low cholesterol food can be easy and fun by trying some easy (no-cooking required) Hispanic vegetarian recipes together:

Community Resources

Find a local agency to partner with, a speaker, or other local resources here:

Publicity Resources

Use this free material alongside your library’s September programming information – newsletter, blog, posters, or flyers – to promote both your library’s programs and National Cholesterol Education Month.

Fun Stuff

Goof off at the reference desk and amaze your friends on Twitter . . . OR add some fun and helpful interactive links to a library program, your library website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed:

Games & Quizzes

Interactive Tools


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