Morningstar – ETF Analysis, Portfolio X-Ray Tool, and Closed-End Fund Updates

What’s New

There are many new and exciting changes coming to Morningstar Investment Research Center this month!

  • First, you will notice recently improved pages for viewing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Overall, you will see that the pages include larger, easier-to-read fonts and graphs with additional data points and a more user-friendly interface. The new ETF Quote pages provide a comprehensive overview of the ETF you are viewing, complete with interactive graphs, important price data, style map, sector information, and several other highlights. Just like our stock and fund pages, there is now a Chart tab where users can compare one ETF to another fund or benchmark. And similar to the mutual funds, you can find related fund family data by clicking the link at the top right of each page.
  • They have also updated the Portfolio X-Ray Tool to help investors better understand the types of sectors they are invested in. Now, in the Stock Sector section of the tool, users will see industry sectors, such as health care and technology, divided into three new categories: cyclical, sensitive, and defensive. These three divisions indicate how sensitive the industries are to macroeconomic factors. Investors can clearly see how their portfolio is divided amongst these three broader categories and the 11 industry sectors.
  • Starting in mid-August, you will notice a new area on the Morningstar Investment Research Center. For the first time, they are offering detailed data on closed-end funds (CEFs). The CEF pages have the same look and feel as the other fund analyses, while allowing investors to learn about a whole new segment of funds. To learn more about CEFs, check out the CEF summary in the Glossary and Methodologies section of the Help & Education tab.

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