Student Resources in Context

You now have 27 new portals in Student Resources in Context, all of which focus on these three key topics – Government, Politics and Key Political Figures.
Also available is a new Government category which is now prominently displayed on the homepage.
Here’s a listing of all of the new portals:
• Alexander Hamilton
• American Citizenship
• Benjamin Franklin
• Bill Clinton
• Checks and Balances
• Congress
• Constitution and Bill of Rights
• Declaration of Independence
• Democracy
• Economic Systems
• Federalism/State and Local
• Government
• Foreign Policy and International
• Relations
• Franklin D. Roosevelt
• George H.W. Bush
• George W. Bush
• James Madison
• John Adams
• John Jay
• Political Systems and Parties
• Politics and the Media
• Public Policy
• Ronald Reagan
• Special Interest Groups
• The Presidency and Executive Branch
• The Supreme Court and Federal Courts
• Thomas Jefferson
• Voting and the Electoral College

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