New Interface for GVRL

The new interface for the Gale Virtual Reference Library will go up as soon as Gene changes the URL.  If you want to view it now go to

Gale has changed the way the GVRL authenicates remotely.  If you use your cell phone or tablet (not on the library’s wifi) you will see the shelves of books but once you select a book to view you will be prompted to enter you library barcode number before seeing the content.

If you access GVRL via the Access My Library app you will see the original interface. Remember to tell your  students and teachers, there is no authenication require to access the results of the search as long as they have setup their app within 10 miles of one of our libraries.

The widgets on the side for each of the databases displays the results for the database selected first then also displays the  results from all the other databases.


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