Gadgets in Credo Reference

Today we’re featuring the Credo Reference gadgets, which are right there every time you visit Credo Reference!

We’ve got a pretty neat assortment of gadgets, including Define, Person, Images, Pronunciations, Crossword Solver, Quotations, Holidays and Festivals, and Conversions. To highlight a few:

Crossword Solver: Get help with your crossword puzzles! For example, you can put something like pu??le and Credo Reference will search its dictionaries for six-letter works that begin with “pu” and end with “le.” You can also put in “itger,” and Credo Reference will unscramble the word into all the possibilities it can find.

Holidays and Festivals: This limits searches to entries categorized under “celebration.”

Conversions: You can choose types of measurements from the categories like area, distance, power, and energy, to name a few. You can also select precision with 4, 5, or 6 digits. Give it a try today!


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