eBooks on Kindle eReaders and Other Devices

Staff members need to keepup-to-date about what is happening with eBooks and eReaders.  How it all works with library eBooks and eReaders is a moving target that the Virtual Library works hard to keep up with. We maintain a blog called eRead Me Vegas  and the FAQs, Tips & Tricks blog linked off it.  The information on theses blogs is the best information available for both staff and patrons. We highly recommend staff be  familiar with what is there so they can refer patrons to it for help. We have both staff and patrons asking about the Kindle and how to get library eBooks onto their Kindle.

The Kindle is much easier than the other eReaders.

  1. Patrons need to check out an eBook from the eMedia catalog.
  2. Click the Get for Kindle button after the checkout session is completed. Once clicked they are taken to their Amazon account where they
  3. Select the Kindle device they want to send it to.
  4. Then start their Kindle on a WiFi network (NOT 3G). Once they do that the ebook automatically syncs to the Kindle.

There is handout for patrons on just the Kindle here http://readmevegas.blogspot.com/2011/09/kindle-ebooks-now-available.html

Also, there is a video for patrons to view here http://readmevegas.blogspot.com/2011/09/library-ebooks-on-your-kindle.html

You need to direct Kindle patrons  to these resources if they ask you questions.

After following these steps, if they have specific issues then direct them to the Virtual Library at 507-6300.

In January and February, there will be more hands on classes for eBook downloading.  Look for those classes in the Events Collector.  Staff are welcome to attend these classes as well as patrons.

For those patrons looking to buy an eReader workshops start next month in November and December, look for How to buy an eReader in the Events Collector. Staff are also welcome to attend.

In the near future, I will add both eRead Me Vegas and the FAQs, Tips and Tricks to the Blogsphere on Voyage for those of you who don’t do RSS feeds.

In the meantime, you may want to bookmark these sites in your browser on your staff public services computers for handy access.


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