Librarian’s Share: Paige Jaeger recaps the Library Journal e-Conference

Here’s another recap from the eBook Summit.

Adam Sockel Oct 18, 2011 1:34 PM – Show original item

On Thursday, October 13th Library Journal held its 2nd annual eBook Summit web conference.  Paige Jaegar, the coordinator for School Library Services at Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES, not only attended this year’s conference, but she presented during it, as well.  Paige was kind enough to answer a few of our questions pertaining to the conference itself:

OverDrive: Tell us about the eBook Summit conference.

Paige Jaegar: School Library Journal hosted an eConference on digital books, eBooks, and other virtual resources for our Transliterate students.   We are working with students who are what CNN calls “digital omnivores.”  They will consume whatever you place in front of them, and even the digital immigrants, such as myself, seem to have multiple devices and fit those characteristics, also.

We have migrated from a print consumer to a digital consumer MO.  Therefore, SLJ found it imperative to heighten librarians’ awareness to this growing digital platform. I told the conference that I love print.  In fact I love large print—but surprisingly, I love reading on my iPad and I was surprised how much I enjoy reading on an iPod touch.   We are all immigrating to this digital community.  Read more…


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