New Topic Pages at Credo Reference

Cricket strategy requires creative use of the ...

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Credo Reference has added these new topic pages this week.


Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir have been sentenced to prison terms for spot-fixing and match-fixing in exchange for large incentives enabled by large gambling rings. Such sentencing is the first of its kind as communication in a globalized world makes such situations more and more common not only in the cricket world, but also in sports.

Veterans Day Ceremony

Image by Josh LeClair via Flickr

Veterans Day

Just in time for Veterans Day (or Armistice Day), President Obama has launched his “We Can’t Wait” initiative in which veterans, particularly those serving post-9/11 and those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, will have access to databases that will match skills learned in the military to civilian jobs in addition to job postings geared to veterans. The goal being that every veteran will be employed shortly after arriving home.


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