Kindle Disclaimer

OverDrive implemented a disclaimer on our site that warns the patron downloading a Kindle book that they are leaving the library’s digital site AND that the commercial site (aka Amazon) doesn’t have the same privacy policies as the library. The wording for this pop-up window was settled on by OverDrive and Amazon. In case the screenshot below doesn’t display for you, the text is:

Attention Kindle Book User:
By clicking “Accept to Continue” you consent to being linked awayfrom the library’s download platform to a commercial service. This third party service does not have the same policies used by the library for your session privacy or use of your user infomration. If you continue, you are advised to consult the commercial website’s privacy policy for additional information. Click “Accept to Continue”

You may receive renewal or purchase messages from Amazon regarding your OverDrive download of library eBooks to Kindle readers. These messages are not from your local library, and do not affect the terms of your library download. The Library never solicits purchases, or charges any fees for the use of digital material.


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