Announcing OverDrive Help

OverDrive is excited to announce the launch of OverDrive Help on February 14.  OverDrive Help contains hundreds of newly-written help articles covering everything users need to know to enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, music and video from your digital collection.

Articles contain screenshots, software download links and links to related articles. Each article can be printed, emailed or shared via Facebook, Twitter and other sites using the ‘Share this page’ button available at the top of most pages.

How to access OverDrive Help

OverDrive Help will replace the FAQs that are currently linked at your library’s OverDrive-powered website. The ‘Help’ page will include links to OverDrive Help, Device Resource Center, Digital Books Tour, Library Lending Policies and Support.

If your library has links to FAQs on your website, please take steps to update these links to direct to OverDrive Help.

What’s included in OverDrive Help

Each section of OverDrive Help is designed to help users find information in whichever method is preferred.

  • Search – Type in a search term to find matching articles. OverDrive Help uses full text searching to provide an extensive list of search results.
  • Get Started With… – Articles to help users find everything they need to get started with their device (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, etc.).
  • Most Popular Articles – This section shows the articles that are being read the most. Three are displayed on the homepage; click ‘view more…’ to see more articles.
  • Recent Searches – This tag cloud shows what other users are searching for. Click one of the recent searches to show search results for that term.
  • Recently Added Articles – When new articles are added to OverDrive Help, they’ll show up here. This is handy when new software updates or new features are released.

Support Assistance

Beginning February 14, if users visit OverDrive Help via your library’s OverDrive-powered website, there will be a ‘Support’ button in the left navigation bar. Users will click this link to return to your site and find the Support button to contact your library directly.

Early feedback on OverDrive Help

Before releasing OverDrive Help, we asked the experts (OverDrive Library Advisory Council) for feedback and here’s what they had to say:

  • 93% of library staff surveyed agree that OverDrive Help is an improvement over the existing FAQs.
  • 93% of library staff surveyed agree that the OverDrive Help website is clear, well-organized and attractive. These same users think that the articles are clearly written and easy to understand.

“I love the new look and feel of OverDrive Help over the current help pages. I think the screenshots will be very helpful in illustrating what could take a thousand words.”
– Ruth Ann Copley, Director of Davidson County Library System

An Expanding Knowledge Base

OverDrive is continuing to build the database of articles and functionality of OverDrive Help. When new features are added, news will be shared at OverDrive Help, so be sure to check back for updates. We welcome your feedback:


3 thoughts on “Announcing OverDrive Help

  1. How do you access this help from Overdrive? Is there a link from the library web page?

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