Revised Kindle Downloading

With the recent changes to the eMedia Catalog and the Kindle downloading I have updated the Downloading 101 Kindle rev3 workbook I use in my classes.

Also, it is posted on eRead Me Vegas for patrons to download.


2 thoughts on “Revised Kindle Downloading

  1. Thank you Lexi for your question. This is the experimental WIN Catalog from OverDrive. We are one of about 6 libraries in the country experimenting with different options to bring patrons, libraries and publishers together in the e-book revolution. By partnering with publishers, we are hoping to build a bridge relationship between libraries, patrons and publishers. Currently out of the big 6 publishing houses only 2 are selling ebooks to libraries. The ads are book or author related and we can include our own ads to promote library events and content. We are looking for feed back from both staff and patrons. In addition to the ads we now have the Buy It Now feature and Love Your Love. If patrons use either one through our catalog to purchase eBooks, we get a commission from the sale which we use to purchase additional eBooks and eAudio Books.

  2. What’s up with the advertisement’s on the ebook page and the buy it now links? Is this an Overdrive update? Are you worried that this will confuse people trying to check out books?

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