This was talked about in this morning session of PLA12. Have you looked at Pinerest? If so have you created any Pinboards?  Could this be used by LVCCLD?  If so, please share your ideas!

Here’s NYPL’s pinboards.

Here’s CMPL’s pinboards


2 thoughts on “Pinerest

  1. I’m on Pinterest and it is pretty cool! I spent almost and hour last night “exploring” and found so many cool things! I have eight boards right now for all of my silly categories. I love that I have the ability to link it with FB (I don’t have a Twitter) so that other people can see what I have pinned. The library could definitely benefit from using this resource, especially if the library created “pins” from the district website or even for book trailers found online to relate to bookclubs.

  2. I have created an account on it, but haven’t been able to spend the time yet to enjoy it. It seems one could spend quite an amount of time there, looking over all the wonderful boards.

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