eBook Question for Circulation

A staff member this weekend had this question:

I had a patron call today (Saturday) who had her library card# replaced.  She had an eBook placed on hold with the previous number.  The Circ staff told her all her holds would switch-over to the new number.  However, apparently this doesn’t apply to eMedia holds since the website displayed, something to the effect of, eBook hold was placed with other library number, thus it wouldn’t allow her to download the book.

Is this an error or do patrons have to have the number they originally set the hold with in order to download the hold item?

When you replace a patron’s barcode number, our eMedia Catalog and Overdrive have no idea this happened.  If the patron has holds on eBooks or eAudio books, you or the patron needs to contact the Virtual Library with:

  • the patron’s old barcode number,
  •  the new number
  •  and the titles of books on their request list from the eMedia Catalog.

The Virtual Library will need to contact OverDrive and get the requests transferred to the new barcode number.




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