PLA Virtual Conference 2012 Archives


This year’s programs at the PLA Virtual Conference where very good, so for those of you who could not make the live event, I hope you will view some of the archived programs.

To access the archives click and use (virtual/virtual). Then choose the program you are interested in listening to.

To take a look at the library of the future which is being built today,  I highly recommend viewing Transforming Public Libraries from Institutions of the Industrial Age to Change Agents for the Networked Society. This highlights Denmark’s new main library being built. Since the 1980’s they have closed 50% of their libraries so this new library is looking to the future.

To access any of the handouts, you just need to go here and enter the name of the program you would like handouts for, in the search box.  The handouts will appear in the search page, after you click search, on the far right.  Please remember that we only have handouts available if the presenters gave them to us.  If no handout icon appears on the far right, it is because there was no handout provided to PLA.



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