Changes to ReferenceUSA

Tonight, ReferenceUSA is adding the following new features to the database.

Here are some highlights:

  • In the Business database, Executive Ethnicity is now a search option as well as an element in the result pages.
  • Geocode details are now displayed on every record in the U.S. databases, including businesses, residences, consumers, new businesses, new movers and new homeowners.  Patrons will see if a record is coded to the parcel level, site level or zip code level.  This is a highly sought after feature for mapping, planning and governmental uses.
  • In the residential databases, you will now see the Census Block Group and Census tract information listed for each record.
  • NAICS lookups are now done with the 2012 codes.  Our results have been populating with 2012 codes since earlier in the year.
  • Verified and Pre-Verified business records are now available in the U.S. Business database.  This increases the total potential number of businesses to 23,797,915.

For detailed information please review ReferenceUSA Product Announcement April 2012


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