ReferenceUSA Updates

The April update to the ReferenceUSA Infogroup business databases has been completed.  Here a few highlights:


  • We added over 11k new company websites
  • We added almost 240k elements of ‘enhanced content.’  Enhanced Content is essentially a strip file of POI (Point of Interest) attributes such as dress code, price range, and whether or not reservations are required.
  • We also added about 300k company social media links; like such as…. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc
  • Franchise Codes for Younkers Department Stores, Cherry Berry Yogurt Bars, Costco Pharmacies, Academy Sports, Olympia Sports, and Unleashed by Petco were added
  • Improved lat-long coverage resulted in an increase in the percentage of records at the parcel-centroid level of precision, from 44% to 50%


You should also know that just over 10 million of their 14.5 million active businesses have a recency (last updated/verified) date less than 6 months old.  This is an amazing statistic and should give your patrons a very high level of confidence in the freshness and accuracy of the data you are providing them.

ReferenceUSA complete list of updates


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