TrueFlix is a new online resource that leverages the award-winning content from True Books to help students learn through the inquiry process.

Before you begin your free trial, please carefully review the technical requirements listed below, then click on the following link to make sure every computer that will access TrueFlix has the proper plug-ins installed:   After you have completed this diagnostic check you are ready to begin using TrueFlix.  To access your free trial please visit:       

Username:  lvccl2012

Password:   lvccl2012

Please leave you comments about this database here on the blog. Thank you.

Your free trial will be active until July 02, 2012


7 thoughts on “TrueFlix

  1. I agree with that is seems basically useful for extra info on each topic, and particularly for interesting kids in reading/learning who struggle to read well on their own. It’s not as practical for those just searching for specific information or facts.

  2. I think this is a really neat site, it’s got a lot of interesting subjects, the interface is really eye catching, and you can read fun books online for free which is always cool. However, without a search feature, it really isn’t very practical in my opinion. You’d have to know exactly what you’re looking for to find information unless you just want to browse, then it would be a neat site. I could see myself using it to find a science experiment for a child who didn’t know where to start but in regards to the other subjects, I probably wouldn’t come to this first again because there is no search function. I agree with Shana though, I could see this being really useful for a homeschool child who wanted to learn all of the information in general.

  3. I like it for the child working from home or the homework help center, especially when books on a subject are not available right away, but the deadline is the next day–great for the procrastinator! And it alleviates the problem of having no books when many children are working on the same subject. I think it could be really useful.

  4. I would recommend this to grade-school children who are looking to do reports on the subjects listed. This site is way more fun than wading through loads of data found on other sites. It is easy to navigate and is interactive and so may keep the interest of the child. I would definitely use this site for homework help.

  5. Since I work primarily with adults, I’m not as familiar with what might be useful for children, however, this database doesn’t seem to have much to offer that books and other databases don’t already cover. It could be useful for reluctant readers, since they could view the video first to peak their interest and might want to read the book. The colorful formats and “turning the pages” could be a method to encourage young readers.

  6. I can’t figure out exactly who this would be useful to, when looking at our patron needs. I like that it has the option where the book is read to the patron, but I think this would be good to recommend to parents who homeschool, or struggling readers who might prefer non-fiction. I don’t see utilizing it IN the library.

  7. I like it, but there’s no way to search, and it seems to have a very limited number of topics. Probably wouldn’t be helpful for someone looking for a specific topic – unless their topic happens to be covered by TrueFlix. Also, I didn’t see anyway to print from TrueFlix. A lot of the time when I am using databases its because we don’t have a book on the subject and I want to be able to print something out for the student.

    I do like the Ecosystem section though, we get a lot of questions about those.

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