Librarians, Plan Ahead for August: Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

By hwatkins

To support your library’s health programming strategy, here are August health programing ideas – brought to you by The Pulse, part of the Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) only one in three children in America have ever received eye care services before age six, yet more than 12.1 million school aged children have some form of vision problem.

August is a month where eye-damaging UV rays are still strong and school is just around the corner – the perfect time for Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. Put the spotlight on Children’s Eye Health and Safety in your library this August with these free resources and with information from Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center:

  • Quick and Easy: printable coloring pages for children and helpful print-ready information for adults.
  • Featured Resources: books for children and their caregivers and links to reliable online information
  • Book Club: children, teen, and multi-generational book club ideas
  • Tie Ins:  ideas for library programs
  • Community Resources: local agencies to contact
  • Publicity Resources: free resources to help you publicize National Men’s Health Month at your library through social networking sites or traditional printed materials
  • Fun Stuff: links to interactive websites and apps

Quick and Easy

From the National Institute of Health’s National Eye Institute:

More Quick and Easy Printables:

Featured Resources


Ultra Violet (UV) Information from the National Weather Service

Organizations to Contact

Free information and resources:

Book Club

Observe Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month this August by choosing one of these vision related books or movies for your children, teens, or multi-generational discussion group:

Tie Ins

Combine Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month with Craft Time

Community Resources

Find a professional to speak at your library or find help for your library customers.

Publicity Resources

Use these free publicity resources alongside your library’s August programming information – newsletter, blog, posters, or fliers – to promote Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month month at your library this August.

Fun Stuff

Add these interesting and helpful interactive links to your library’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed:


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