Librarians, Plan Ahead for November: National Healthy Skin Month

To support your library’s health programming strategy, here are November health programing ideas – brought to you by The Pulse, part of the Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center.

In November, harsh winter winds and temperatures are just around the corner and depending on where you live, maybe already here. To raise awareness about the functions of skin, skin diseases, and keeping skin healthy year-round, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has designated November as National Healthy Skin Month.

Find ways to talk about healthy skin at your library this November with these resources and with information from Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center. :

  • Quick and Easy: printable coloring pages for children and helpful print-ready information for adults.
  • Featured Resources: books for children and their caregivers and links to reliable online information
  • Book Club: books for children and their caregivers and links to reliable online information
  • Tie Ins: books for children and their caregivers and links to reliable online information
  • Community Resources: local agencies to contact
  • Publicity Resources: free resources to help you publicize National Healthy Skin month at your library through social networking sites or traditional printed materials
  • Fun Stuff: links to interactive websites and apps

Quick and Easy


Teens and Adults

Featured Resources


Relevant Full-Text Books Available in Gale Virtual Reference Library

Trustworthy Online Resources

Book Club


  • Let’s Face It, by Jodi R. Moore. Create Space, 2012. (Ages 12 and up).
    • From the Publisher:

      “What if you could cure acne? We’ve all seen the commercials – a pretty pop star promises your skin will be clear if you just . . .

      For fifteen-year-old Kaylin Bidwell, it doesn’t matter what they say. She knows the truth. Those products won’t clear up her acne. She even proved it for a science fair project, hoping to win a spot at science camp with the guy she’s had a crush on for 20% of her life. But the only kind of spot she may end up with this summer are the ones on her face.
      Kaylin is determined to find a solution, even if it means interning for a company that makes acne products that never work. Could Kaylin help make something better? What she really wants is something better than better – a cure.”
    • Request a free copy from the publisher.


Tie Ins

Childrens or Teen Craft and Science Fun

Community Resources

Publicity Resources

Use these free publicity resources alongside your library’s November programming information – newsletter, blog, posters, or fliers – to promote National Healthy Skin Month at your library this November.
  • Public Service Announcements

Fun Stuff

Add these interesting and helpful interactive links to your library’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed:


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