“Also Available As eBook” Templates Now Available

stickerTo download the sticker template, click the side image.

Who doesn’t like stickers? Recently, electronic resources librarian Amy Calhoun shared how Sacramento Public Library has been giving its eBooks a physical presence by placing “Now in eBook Format!” stickers on the covers of corresponding titles in the physical collection. Calhoun’s Librarian Share blog post was a hit, and we’ve received a lot of feedback from libraries asking for similar stickers to promote their digital titles.

You asked, and we listened. Feel free to download this sticker template, print it on sticky labels, and apply where appropriate. We recommend printing the stickers on a sticker sheet comprised of 12, two-inch diameter circles (Avery products: 22807, 22817 or 22825). It’s a good idea to do a test print to ensure you’re loading your paper correctly. Also, to ensure the design prints properly, verify in your print settings that “Page Size” and “Handling” is set to “Actual Size.”

shelf talker

Shelf-talker templates  are also available to highlight digital titles among your stacks of books. Just print on both sides of the page (we recommend thicker paper, like card stock). Fold each shelf talker along the dotted line, then place inside a jacket cover or position conspicuously between books on the shelf.

Community Outreach Training

If you like the stickers and would like more ideas for how to promote your digital collection, join us for our Community Outreach training on Thurs., Feb. 7 at 12:00 pm EST. We’ll discuss ways to promote inside your library, around your community and online. This webinar is open for all OverDrive library partners.


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