ReferenceUSA Update – Data Visulaization

refusa new-picture-32You may have noticed that there have been some new offerings with ReferenceUSA. The latest enhancement is Data Visualization – more specifically, the ability for you to now see data in a new way.   We know that a lot of folks will download large lists of data that they in turn will use to create charts and tables to include in presentations and reports.  Coupled with that is their discussions on just how much data they can move – now by being able to easily extrapolate this data into Heat Maps, Pie Charts and Bar Graphs, the need to download copious amounts of records is dissipated.  To learn more about it read Data Visualization

Is there any interest in having ReferenceUSA come out and do training in Early May on this new feature and ReferenceUSA?

If so, please post your interest on this post in the comment section.



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