Infographic: eReading on the Rise

eBookGrowthInfographicFrom Adam Sockel at OverDrive

Readers of all ages are discovering the power and convenience of eBooks. The results of a recent Pew Research Center study show that eBook reading is on the rise across every age group. At the same time, people are reading fewer physical books. More than half the population still reads physical books, but the percentage of eBook readers has increased dramatically. Nearly a quarter of all readers aged 16 and up reported reading an eBook in 2012, up 16 percent from 2011.

This growth in eBook reading coincides with the growing popularity of eReaders, tablets, and other devices. One-third of those polled reported owning at least one eReader or tablet device.

As more readers become aware of libraries’ digital collections, the popularity of eBook lending continues to soar. Readers checked out more than 70 million eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive-powered libraries in 2012, more than double 2011’s totals. Libraries throughout the OverDrive network are seeing increased digital circulation, more page views, and more engagement with eBooks, audiobooks, music and video.

To show how engagement at OverDrive-powered digital libraries mirrors the continued growth of the eBook industry, we’ve created this infographic. Feel free to download, print, and share with your patrons however you see fit.


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