National Geographic for Kids

national geographic for kidsWe are doing a trial for National Geographic for Kids.  Please view it at;ContactID=38731

Then come back here and leave your comments about this resource.

The trial is available until May 5, 2013.


8 thoughts on “National Geographic for Kids

  1. I just just checked out the National Geographoic for kids database. I love it. It is super easy to explore and find information. I typed the word Spain in the search box and plenty of topics with the word Spain was listed.
    I checked out the magazines and I always love seeing information on small animals. Thumps up for me!
    Martha Ham at MV Library

  2. Very simple and easy to use. Not overly complicated but there’s a good amount of information. Easy to navigate. Could be great for kids!

  3. I liked the “Countries of the World” series as well. There is a definite overlap with our physical collection, but it would greatly help when 20 teachers give the same assignment and our only physical copy is out the door instantly.

  4. Fun for exploring, but don’t like the search feature. Did three animal searches and three place searches, not impressed by results.

  5. I liked the easy to use interface. Search results were divided into pictures, magazines, magazine covers and books. I explored animal rescue and was referred to the correct search terms. Citations were included. Tools included the ability to bookmark, print & suggested other relevant search terms. This database would fill a gap in YPL eMagazines. I think it would be a very attractive offering to youth, useful for homework, and just plain fun to read.

  6. The content is presented in a visually appealing way and it is easy to navigate through the pages. One can search within an article bringing up all pages where the search term is mentioned and there is the ability to jump to any page. The pictures, of course, are high quality and printing is easy. I think it would be appealing to kids.

  7. I love all of the pictures available and the full-text books. This is a great resource, especially for reports on animals and countries, which we get information requests for all the time!

  8. I reviewed National Geographic for Kids: “Countries of the World” (Guatamala) and really liked the photos and information provided. It’s an easy and fun way for kids to access information on a particular country to use for a report.

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