Valueline Trial

vlogoPlease review the following Value Line trials and leave your comments about each product and which ones you would like purchased. We can purchase individual products or all three.  Please note that the links below will only work on library computers. They will not currently work off site, however, there would be remote access should we purchase the products. Also checkout the Guide to Getting Started and there is a 20 minute webinar June 20 at 10:00 a.m. Register for the webinar.

Access to Value Line Research Center:

Value Line Research Survey reports:  (Company name, Ticker or Industry Lookup)

or (Publication as it appears weekly)

Access to Value Line Archive Reports:

The Research Center includes on-line access to Value Line’s leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. This service is available through Value Line’s Web site and would includes full on-line subscriptions to:

The Value Line Investment Survey (1,700 companies)
The Value Line Investment Survey – Small& Mid Cap Edition (1,800 companies)
The Value Line Database Companies (4,000 companies)
The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey
The Value Line Daily Options Survey
The Value Line Special Situations Service
The Value Line Convertibles Survey

Value Line’s Library Editions On-Line will allow your users to take advantage of the most useful tools available. They include:
· Customized screening
· Stock lookup to search for tickers and company names
· Industry lookup and search features
· Custom company reports
· Model portfolios
· Custom user portfolios
· “Quick Search” for Value Line rank changes
· “Real-Time” supplementary analyst reports
· Historical archives dating back to 1997 (Additional Fee Applies)
· Stock recap screen featuring quotes, news, option data, graphs, and Time & Sales
· “Market Review” with index information on Dow Jones, S&P, CBOE, Russell, and NYSE
· PDF reports formatted for printing and emailing


6 thoughts on “Valueline Trial

  1. I like the electronic version; however, at Clark County, we service a number of older patrons who do not use/have computers & are partial to to the print products. CC would likely continue print for the large cap for at least 1 year to transition patrons to the electronic version. I think its a worthwhile purchase.

  2. The Virtual Library has never purchased ValueLine online before. I would recommend we stop purchasing the print and buy the online version – all that they are offering.

  3. We used to carry this product and some no longer carry the print because we had it electronically. Still a great product and with current business info as well. I say buy but we got rid of the electronic for a reason?

  4. I’d purchase “Publication as it appears weekly” product (a.k.a. stk5000/index.aspx) because that would enable us to cancel our print subscription. “Lookup” product would not replace print, and I don’t think we need Historical.

  5. A subscription to Regular and Small Cap, along with Selection and Opinion, runs a branch about $1167. So how much are they charging for the different databases?

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